(Dorling Kindersley 1998)
co-editions: USA, Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, Germany,
Italy, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Poland and Portugal


“Rosalind Kerven has the art. The five stories given in this attractive book are straightforwardly told and compelling... A lively sense emerges of a body of oral tradition as part of the central core of people’s imaginative and social lives” - School Librarian

  • The Tale of Queen Shahrazad
  • Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp
  • The Garden of Enchantments
  • Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
  • The Fisherman and the Jinnee

The exquisite illustrations are by Nilesh Mistry who has captured all the enchantment of these tales. The book is produced in DK's Eyewitness Classics format with sidebars containing factual information and further pictures.
There was once a king of Persia who liked to disguise himself as a common man, and wander secretly through the humblest streets and alleyways of his kingdom.
One night he came to a quarter of the city where he had never been before. There he heard young women’s voices, and stopped to listen by an open door that led into a cramped and gloomy house.
The first voice said, “How I wish I were married to the king’s chief pastry cook! Then instead of having to slave all day, I could lie around and feast on my husband’s delicious pastries.
The second said, “Suit yourself, sister. I prefer mouthwatering savouries, so I’ll claim the king’s chef as my husband.”
The king cupped his ear and crept closer. He heard the women giggling together; and then a third voice whispered, "Oh my sisters, you are welcome to all that food. This is my heart’s desire: I long only to be blessed with such goodness that I might be chosen to marry the king.”
When the king heard this, he smiled softly. ‘There is no finer deed one can do,’thought he, ‘than to make a poor person happy - and to help three at once is even better!’ Thus he resolved that, the very next day, he would make each of the sisters’ wishes come true.
- from The Garden of Enchantments