Native American Myths collected 1636–1919 (Talking Stone 2018)

Viking Myths & Sagas retold from ancient Norse texts (Talking Stone 2015)                                  (US edition published by Chartwell Books.  Recommended on the BBC’s History Extra website)
Faeries, Elves & Goblins: The Old Stories (Pavilion Books for the National Trust 2013)
Arthurian Legends (Pavilion Books for the National Trust 2011)                                                         (also published in Japan)
English Fairy Tales and Legends (Pavilion Books for the National Trust 2008)                        
Northumberland Folk Tales (Talking Stone 2005)
Traditional Stories: A Practical Guide  (Talking Stone 2000)
The Mythical Quest (British Library 1996)                                                                                  (USA co-edition)

King Arthur (Dorling Kindersley 1998)    (eBook only edition, Talking Stone 2019)                                                                                     (Co-editions: USA, Argentina, Brazil, China, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Portugal.  Recommended by the American Library Association.  World sales. c. ¼ million.)
Aladdin &  Other Tales from the Arabian Nights  (Dorling Kindersley 1998)                                (co-editions:  USA, Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Poland and  Portugal.  World sales c. 120,000)         
The Giant King: Looking at Norse Myths and Legends  (British Museum Press 1998)          (USA co-edition)
Enchanted Kingdoms: Looking at Celtic Myths and Legends  (British Museum Press 1997) (USA co-edition)
The Rain Forest Storybook (Cambridge University Press 1994)
In the Court of the Jade Emperor - Stories from Old China  (Cambridge Uni. Press 1993, 1999) Selected by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups for National Tell a Story Week 
Republished as Chinese Myths & Folk tales (Talking Stone, eBook only edition 2018) 
Earth Magic, Sky Magic - Native American Stories   (Cambridge University Press 1991, 1999)  Selected by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups for National Tell a Story Week 
King Leopard’s Gift and other Animal Legends (Cambridge University Press 1990)           Chosen by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups for their ‘Pick of the Year’ list
The Tree in the Moon and other Legends of Plants and Trees (Cambridge University  Press 1989)
The Slaying of the Dragon - Tales of the Hindu gods  (Andre Deutsch 1987)                             A Book Trust Children's Book of the Year
Legends of the Animal World  (Cambridge University Press 1986)

The Secret World of Magic (Frances Lincoln 2006)                                                                    (co-edition in Denmark)
The Fairy-Spotter’s Handbook (Frances Lincoln 2003)
The Enchanted  Forest - a Scottish Folk Tale   (Frances Lincoln 1999, 2000)                                           (co-editions in Australia, Denmark and Korea)
The Weather Drum - a Russian Arctic Myth  (Cambridge University Press 1996)                                                  (co-editions in China, India, Malaysia and Norway)
Volcano Woman - a Pacific Myth  (Cambridge University Press 1996)                
Coyote Girl - a Native American Folk Tale  (Cambridge University Press 1996)                                           (co-editions in China, India and Norway)
The Woman who went to Fairyland - a Welsh Folktale  (Blackie 1992)                                            Shortlisted for the Federation of Children’s Book Groups’ "Children’s Book Award” 


Big Giant, Little Bear - Arctic Folk Tales  (Pearson Bug Club 2013, with e-book edition)
The Adventures of Sinbad - Arabian Folk Tales (Pearson Bug Club 2012, with e-book editions)
The Sparrow, the Crow and the Pearl - an Indian Folk Tale  (Oxford University Press 2005)        (USA co-edition)
The Man in the Moon - an Irish Folk Tale (Scholastic Literacy Time 2005)
The Ogre’s Guitar - a Caribbean Folk Tale (Oxford University Press 2002)
How Did the World Begin? - Creation Myths from Native America, Persia, Nigeria + China    (Oxford University Press 2001)
Journeys to Other Worlds - Folk Tales from Native America, Kenya, Arabia and Wales       (Ginn 1999)
Why is the Sky so High? - a Native American Myth (Ginn 1999)    
The Stone Lion - a Tibetan Folk Tale  (Ginn 1999)
The Forest Giants - a Malaysian Folk Tale  (Oxford University Press 1999)  
The Stupid Ogre - an Italian Folk Tale  (Oxford University Press 1999)
The Golden City - an Inca Myth (Scholastic Literacy Time 1999)
The Princess and the Dragon - a Russian Folk Tale (Scholastic Literacy Time 1998)
The Old Woman who lived in a Vinegar Bottle - an English Folk Tale  (Heinemann 1996)       (Gaelic co-edition)
Feather-Snake - an Aztec Myth (Heinemann 1995)                                                                        (Malaysian co-edition)
Kintu’s Mistake - a Ugandan Myth  (Heinemann 1995)                                                      (Malaysian co-edition)  
Fire! - an Australian Aboriginal Myth  (Heinemann 1995)                                                             (Malaysian co-edition)
Numerous other stories contributed to anthologies published by O.U.P., Harcourt + Scholastic



Spinners, Servants and Midwives: Women at Work in British and Irish Folk Narratives (Podcast of paper presented to the Folklore Society Annual Conference, 2018)

A Thousand Years before Tolkien: The Original Evil Magic Ring (, 2017)

How Authentic is 'Authentic'? (Gramarye, journal of the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy, University of Chichester, Winter 2016)

Merlin the Wizard, Sexual Harasser (, 2016)

Top 10 Viking Stories (BBC: www.historyextra.com2015)

Tales Beyond Europe: A World Full of Otherworlds(Gramarye, journal of the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy, University of Chichester, Winter 2013)

Tales Beyond Europe: Dragons of East and West – (Gramarye, journal of the Sussex Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy, University of Chichester, Summer 2013)

Are Traditional Stories Sexist? (Books for Keeps, May 2000)


Grim Gruesome Viking Villain: The Rings of Doom (Talking Stone 2011)
Grim Gruesome Viking Villain: Trolls’ Treasure (Talking Stone 2010) (Danish co-edition)
Grim Gruesome Viking Villain: The Queen’s Poison (Talking Stone 2009)                                                 (Shortlisted for Lancashire Fantastic Book Award.      Danish co-edition.) 
Grim Gruesome Viking Villain: The Cursed Sword (Talking Stone 2008)                                           (Shortlisted for Solihull Children’s Book Award.    Danish co-edition and Audiobook edition) 
For full details of these books

Sorcery and Gold  (Cambridge University Press 1998)
Visitors from a Different World  (Bunkeido, Japan 1996)
Wild!  (Puffin 1992,  Blackie 1991)
Who Ever Heard of a Vegetarian Fox?  (Puffin 1990, Blackie 1988)                                                        (Shortlisted for the Federation of Children's Book Groups "Children’s Book Award".                                                 Co-editions in Japan, the Netherlands and South Africa.  Won a major award in Japan.   World sales over 100,000.)
The Sea is Singing (Puffin 1987, Blackie 1986)                                                                                                          (A TES ‘book of the year’ Co-editions in Denmark and the Netherlands. Dramatised on BBC Radio)
Mysteries of the Seals (Puffin 1989, Abelard  1981)   (Dutch co-edition)                                                                               
Treasure on Bird Island (Abelard 1983)
The Reindeer and the Drum (Abelard 1980)   (Dutch co-edition)                                                                                           


For Children - Viking Website (BBC Education Online 2001)
The Man Who Found America (Ginn 1999)
Ramadan and Eid Ul-Fitr (Evans 1997)
Saving Planet Earth (Watts 1992)
Equal Rights for Animals  (Watts 1992)

For Teachers
Festival: Carnival  (Macmillan Education 1986) 
Festival: Chinese New Year  (Macmillan Education 1986)  
Festival: Diwali  (Macmillan Education 1986)   
Festival: Ramadan and Eid ul-Fitr  (Macmillan Education 1986)